Teabag Paper Projects Guide


Learn new ways to incorporate teabag paper into your mixed media art.

Need some creative inspiration and ideas for using Teabag Paper in your artwork? You'll find 4 techniques inside filled with step by step instruction and colour photos giving you plenty of ideas to start layering it into multiple media.

Teabag Paper is thin, lightweight, sheer and has a soft texture that can be used in Printmaking, Collage, under Resin, embedded in Encaustic, and more!

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Why Use This Paper?

If you love working with different materials, I'm certain teabag paper will become a favourite too. It's acid free, non-yellowing and won't break down over time, making it perfect for mixed media.

Whether you use inks, acrylic, or pan pastel, teabag paper can be layered in whatever work you choose. It can be scrunched up to create texture or gently ironed flat. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you enjoy creating with Teabag Paper as much as I do. Have fun creating :)

xo Jane