Launching January 2021

Imagine waking up to find out you sold all of your art during your very first web launch?
How would that make you feel? - Pretty good right? 
It's a memory I'll never forget because I finally had that "A-Ha" moment. I can't tell you how amazing that made me feel. I've since continued to grow and sell products/services to my now 100K+ community of followers. I want to help you do the same"  - Jane.

Here are a few important components that I'll teach you in the TAE Program so you can reach your own "A-Ha" moment :)

BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY - Learn how to grow your Instagram following authentically. Create content that is most valuable in gaining and retaining the right audience.

SELF PROMOTION - Gain confidence in promoting your art online.

SETTING UP SHOP - Create an online shop, sell products, accept payments and set up shipping parameters automatically (not Etsy). 

TRAFFIC - Learn how to leverage online channels to drive potential customers to your website.

MARKETING - Learn strategies to create a sense of excitement and urgency for potential customers to buy your art.

IG CONTENT - Take your social media posts to the next level by creating professional looking content easily with useful tools, tips and tricks.

REVENUELearn where you can generate additional streams of income online.


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