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Learn to Create Art with Jane

As a self taught artist I understand how important it is to feel supported while you build confidence and hone your skills. Whether you’re into abstract or realism, I want to guide you to awaken your creativity and learn new techniques with Resin & Encaustic that will elevate your art to a new level of expertise. Let me help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

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Fused Harmony

An online course designed to awaken your creativity, teach you the skills to master resin, encaustic, and other elements together in harmony.

Enhance your existing work or be inspired to take a new art direction, all while creating professional looking art that will demand attention and excel your level of expertise.

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An exclusive online membership for Fused Harmony students.

Join other artists within a supportive community designed to help you further pursue your artistic endeavours. Continue honing your creative process and artistic direction. Gain valuable resources, tools and guidance essential for blossoming into a happy artist & entrepreneur.

Alcohol Ink and resin artwork

Alcohol Inks & Resin Course

An online course teaching you how to get creative with your art using alcohol inks and resin.

Have fun exploring various techniques with Alcohol Inks. Learn how to use these vibrant and colourful inks on multiple substrates using a variety to tools before creating mini layered abstract collages with resin on wood panel.

cyanotype print

Cyanotype Printmaking

An online course teaching you how to create prints using cyanotype.

Create beautiful one of a kind cyanotype prints to use as stand alone artwork or as elements in collage. Learn how to manipulate results, embellish with gold and even print directly on wood.

encaustic art

Intro to Encaustic

An online course teaching you the basic tools and techniques needed to begin your journey with Encaustic.

From fusing to fabulous! Master the essentials of Encaustic before creating 3 exciting projects that'll fuel your inspiration and desire to create more.


Meet Jane, your instructor

Hey there, I'm excited to meet you! I'm a self taught artist, author and teacher who loves all styles of collage and textures. Exploring and creating with mixed media is my passion, and I've been selling my art for years. 

I'd love to share my passion, products, materials and techniques with you so you too can become excited about creating and selling your work.

- Jane

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Set Your Imagination Free with High-Quality Art Supplies!

Dive into Jane's array of art supplies. Let them ignite your artistic passions, elevate your creative pursuits, and open the doors to a world brimming with imagination and artistic expression!


Discover a Wealth of Artistic Inspiration: Jane's Exclusive Collection of Free Art Guides!

Blossom into the successful thriving artist you've always wanted to be and dive into Jane's creative resources designed to fuel your artistic journey and unlock your imagination – all yours for free!

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