The 'Igniter' Replay Workshop

Be inspired to create 3 projects with resin, encaustic and metal patina, in this introductory mixed media course.
This is your chance to RE-PLAY and re-ignite creativity with techniques from the Fused Harmony 'Igniter' Workshop

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Do you want to create with mixed media that leaves you bursting with energy & ideas for your artwork?

Having fun and trying new things is where the sweet spot lies in creating something truly special and unique.

There‚Äôs nothing more exciting than having that ‚Äėah-ha‚Äô moment or whispering ‚Äėthat‚Äôs cool‚Äô while creative experiments unfold.

That's why I created this intro mixed media course, (REPLAY lessons from the Fused Harmony 'Igniter' workshop) so you can learn techniques with resin, encaustic and patina.

Ready to find what lights you up?

Yes, access my course now!

Take your art to the next level with 4 step-by-step lessons on REPLAY from The Fused Harmony 'Igniter' Workshop! 

Here's what you'll learn:


Ignite Your Creativity

You'll learn:

  • Which papers are best suited under resin and encaustic
  • How to prep your papers to prevent bleed
  • Which inks/paints to use on your papers
  • How to create simple yet effective and colourful patterns that you can layer
Paint and art tools


Paint and art tools


Time To Shine

You'll learn:

  • How to properly coat your artwork with resin for a smooth dust free finish
  • How to prep and add multiple layers of resin
  • How to correct and fix layers
  • How to easily combine resin and encaustic together on your panel



Encaustic Essentials

You'll learn:

  • How to prep and layer your panel
  • How to properly fuse for a¬†flat surface
  • How to add marks¬†&¬†use pigment stick
  • How to add gold leaf
Colourful art


Collage art



You'll learn:

  • 5 easy recipes for metal patina
  • Which ingredients yield different tones/shades of patina
  • How to achieve immediate results with store bought product


Plus you'll get these amazing extra bonuses!

Course Bonus 1

Bonus Download:
Mastering Metal Leaf

Get my SECRET tips to apply gold leaf with ease. Learn which sealers are best to prevent tarnish                                 

Course Bonus 2

Bonus Download:
Paper Prep 

Understand the steps NEEDED to prep thin absorbent papers, like teabag paper, to prevent bleed

Course Bonus 3

BONUS Download:
Patina Resources

Gain access to my MUST have patina resources for metal patinas, sealers and suppliers

Here are just a few inspiring images from students and the course!

Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Jane Monteith

Hey there,

I'm Jane, a self taught mixed media artist, author and entrepreneur. I've been living the dream working as a full-time creative for over a decade.

I want you to live the dream too, my friend! It all starts with experimenting and having fun.

The 'Igniter' workshop REPLAY is just what you need to feel that excitement and motivation again with your art. 

I'm here to help you learn new techniques so you can take your art to the next level!

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