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Elevate your mixed media art to a professional level with resin, encaustic and metal techniques that will demand attention.

I'm ready to take my art to the next level!

Imagine pulling all of your creativity together to create exciting new art that will stand out from everything else you see out there?

In Fused Harmony you'll discover how to work with mediums and combined elements that allow freedom and expression, no matter the type of artist you are. You'll create art that results in something professional and unique each time you create.

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What is the Fused Harmony course?

Fused Harmony is a 5 week online art program for artists looking to elevate their art process to a professional level by learning new resin and encaustic techniques to create desirable contemporary style art.

Jane teaches specific techniques combined with visual inspiration to prompt self exploration and experimentation allowing for a variety of ways to incorporate abstract or realistic elements into your art. This gives you the opportunity to accomplish unique results and a means to differentiate yourself as an artist.

The course is taught through modules released over a 5 week long period. Every video contains insightful, comprehensive step by step lessons that will give you all the knowledge needed to create beautiful art. Fused Harmony comes with lifetime access which allows you to either keep up with the weekly content or watch at your own pace. You can create on your own terms.

Valuable resources, supply information and live support are also part of Fused Harmony. All artists will have access to Jane during weekly Live Q+A sessions to get help answering questions, offer feedback and inspire you to create!

A peek inside to some of my art from the course:

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Hey there, I'm Jane!

As a self taught artist, I know what it’s like to feel lost, frustrated or overwhelmed with creativity and direction.

It's frustrating too when you've spent time and money trying new things only to find your yourself back at square one without having accomplished much. 

I’ve spent over a decade learning and figuring things out on my own. Experimenting with multiple mediums and techniques, incorporating various materials and elements into my art. I've literally spent hours and hours (and more hours) honing my skills to be able to create art I’m happy with and proud of.

It’s taken me years to get here and I always wished there was one place I could have learned everything to gain support, guidance, and have questions answered to confidently create art I now make today.

I’m so excited to share all my knowledge and techniques with you so can save time and make art you’ll love - and others will love too!

I believe there’s room for all of us! Learn my secrets, techniques, processes and the skills needed to elevate your art to the next level.

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I was at a place in my life where I craved new challenges.

When I enrolled in Jane's Fused Harmony course, I was hoping to learn a few new techniques to incorporate in my art. Actually, it has been a transformation I wasn't expecting. Her course is well organized, informative, and each module builds on itself. Her great presentation with step by step instructions has led to improving my creativity and hands on skills. I feel more confident and inspired about my self expression through my art.


The unique process of incorporating etched metal, epoxy and encaustic to my work has not only heightened my technical skills, but has brought me a renewed energy to create.

The new techniques I learned from taking Jane’s Fused Harmony course have brought my art to the next level. Jane has an immense amount of knowledge that she graciously shares with her students in a concise and organized way. I absolutely loved her course and highly recommend it to anyone searching for inspiration and new techniques to make your art stand out.
online art class student work
online art class student work

This was just what I needed to take my art to the next level.

I have been mainly working with resin and a chance to incorporate resin, metals and encaustic in the same piece was very intriguing. Jane is a very innovative thinker and a great teacher. She shares all her tips and tricks through this very detailed, step by step course.


Exclusive to Fused Harmony

Lifetime Access

As a Fused Harmony student, you have lifetime access to the 2024 course content. You can create on your own terms. Go at your own pace and rewatch the course content whenever your wish. Stop, start and rewind at your own convenience.


Never feel alone. Join other creatives and gain the support and guidance necessary to blossom into a confident artist. Share your work, ask questions and be inspired by others as we navigate this journey together.


Join LIVE weekly Q+A’s sessions with Jane as she answers your questions, offers guidance, knowledge and inspiration. A great way to connect with other students, gain valuable insights and lift each other up. Extra tidbits of information (golden nuggets we like to call them) always surfaces during these live experiences.

Course Flexibility

Follow along with the modules as they release on the same day/time each week, or create at your own pace. Either way, you can learn on your own terms. Work/life commitments can sometimes take over - don’t worry. You can come back to learning and create when you’re ready to refocus and continue with the program.

Audio / Video

All videos are enabled with the ability to turn on/off closed captioning allowing for audio to be muted. Lessons also come with transcripts that can be downloaded and translated into multiple languages.

Risk Free

While I’m confident you’ll blossom and grow within Fused Harmony, this program may not be for everyone. This course is backed by a 100% 7-day money back guarantee. Decide, risk-free, if Jane’s teaching style is compatible with your learning needs and if the course content makes sense for your art direction. If you’re unhappy with what Fused Harmony has to offer in the first 7 days, I’ll give you your money back.

I'm ready to take my art to the next level!

Samples of previous student work

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online art course student work
online art class student work samples

Course Flow

Fused Harmony Resin & Encaustic online program is delivered and accessible through a private course hub. Learning is broken down into digestible modules that are released on the same day/time each week within the platform for 5 weeks.

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Materials and Essentials

Learn which types of paper materials and paints/inks are best suited for resin and/or encaustic in order to create a cohesive grouping of elements that will be used in your work.

  • Materials and Essentials

  • Paper Types

  • Paints / Inks

  • Resin and Encaustic Overview

awakening creativity art course module cover


Awakening Creativity

Whether you're a new artist or one that's been practicing for years, inspiration serves as our starting point to creating something special. Kick start your creativity and begin with activities to spur new ideas and artistic flow that will open up unique possibilities for your art.

  • Papers and Patterns

  • Rust Papers

  • Ink Flow

  • Printmaking

metals and patinas art course module cover


Metals and Patinas

Gain knowledge on using metals within your art beginning with sheet metal. Learn the process of etching that will compliment your art and then colour your metal permanently with a patina.

  • Metal Prep

  • Design and Etching Process

  • Learn How to Patina and Colourize Metals

  • Sealing Metals

paper, encaustic (or resin) and metal art course module cover


Paper, Encaustic (or Resin) & Metal

Building off modules 2 and 3 you’ll incorporate paper and a patina’d or etch metal piece into your art.

  • Selecting Papers and Metals for Your Work

  • Using Appropriate Adhesives to Attach Materials to Your Panel

  • Layering with Encaustic (or Resin)

  • Mark Making and Embellishing

mastering metal shapes art course module cover


Mastering Metal Shapes

Learn advanced techniques to bend and form metal into solid shapes allowing you more choices in layout/design and giving your art a more professional look and feel.

  • Become knowledgeable on metal thicknesses, types and where to best source metal for forming shapes

  • Learn how to properly clean and prep metal for shaping and adhering

  • Learn to bend metals to form desired shapes

creating artistic harmony art course module cover


Creating Harmony

Building on Module 5, you’ll learn to effectively separate both mediums - resin and encaustic. In this final module you’ll design and create a final piece of artwork using elements and techniques learned throughout the course that will result in a true Fused Harmony masterpiece!

  • Determine your colour, layout and design

  • Adhere your base layers

  • Incorporate your mediums of choice (resin or encaustic - or both!)

encaustic technique art course module cover


Create-A-Shape Encaustic Technique

In this module I share my secret encaustic technique (developed in 2023), that allows you to create any shape or design in your work. This 'game changing' technique will speed up and transform your design process, no matter your style.

  • Determine you design and layout

  • Choose your encaustic paint colours

  • Apply the Create-A-Shape technique

encaustic extras art course module cover


Encaustic Extras

In addition to the core content, Jane shares tips and insights with other various encaustic techniques. These are quick digestible mini lessons. Extras include:

  • Stencil Inlay

  • Accretion

  • Image Transfer

  • Scrape Technique

Ready to elevate your art?


In addition to Fused Harmony's core program content, you'll gain access to exciting BONUS lessons!


colorways art on repeat art course bonus module cover


Colorways ‚Äď Art on Repeat

Learn to capture original artwork and turn it into something new. Whether it's from art that's been collecting dust or from pieces you love, Jane will teach you the process for putting art on repeat while still encompassing originality and uniqueness. In addition, you'll learn to create simple colorways with ease, allowing you to incorporate a different palette or contrast in your work. No technical or expensive design software required which means no overwhelm or hours spent learning new skills!

encaustic printed pattern play art course bonus module cover


Encaustic ‚Äď Printed Pattern Play

Learn the steps for creating a set of beautiful patterned encaustic & metal minis unique to you. Discover Jane's waterfall edge method for a clean continuous patterned sides before finishing your panel edges with beautiful gold leaf. These little jewels will light up your life and leave you inspired to make more! As well, become quick little art sellers, putting more income in your pocket - If you can bear to part with them.

matte resin vintage metal art course bonus module cover


Matte Resin / Vintage Metal

Whether you're new to resin and encaustic or a seasoned pro, these mediums can sometimes cause frustration. In this bonus lesson, you won't have to worry about achieving the perfect resin or flat encaustic finish. Instead, you'll happily learn how to produce a matte look with resin that mimics encaustic. A great alternative when you don't want that glossy look, or want to throw in the towel from overworking your layers!

encaustic and mixed media art examples from art course

Here's how you'll know if Fused Harmony is the right fit for you:

Fused Harmony IS for you, if:

  • You're an artist craving new techniques that will set you apart from the sea of similarity.

  • You're a budding new artist in need of inspiration and step by step guidance to create art that's unique and something you'll love.

  • You're a seasoned artist in need of a creative boost, fresh ideas and exciting new techniques that will enhance your current practice.

  • You're a creative looking to learn new skills that will increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in your art making ability

Fused Harmony ISN'T for you, if:

  • You're not interested in continuing your art education to improve your current process.

  • You don't want to stand out from the crowd and make art that's different.

  • You don't want to grow as an artist and/or be inspired by others.

  • You don't want to commit to learning new skills that can elevate your art to a professional level.


Join the Fused Harmony program following these easy steps:

Choose Payment Method

Click any of the buttons on this page and you'll be directed to a section where you get to choose your preferred payment method; a one time payment or monthly installments.

Complete Your Purchase

Fill out your details and complete your payment on the checkout page with any major credit card or PayPal option and you’ll get the receipt and instructions with login details to the course platform in an email shortly after.

Get Ready to Learn!

We'll start together with all the new students on Monday 4th of March and dive into the first module of exciting new ways to create art! Thanks to the lifetime access you can also complete it at your own preferred pace.

I'm ready to take my art to the next level!
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Did someone say risk-free?


This course is backed by a 100% 7-day same day money back guarantee. I love helping others reach their art goals. I know this course will truly help you elevate your art. But if you decide you’re unhappy with Fused Harmony and what it has to offer in the first 7 days, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. It's my promise to you.

xo Jane

Check the full refund policy here.

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