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Experience the joy of working with wax as you develop essential skills for building great encaustic art. 

Gain knowledge, confidence and my secrets for creating smooth, flat and clear surfaces in your projects.

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It doesn't always have to be bumpy or cloudy...

Dealing with flat, smooth and clear surfaces are common issues with Encaustic. It can be frustrating when we don't always get the results we want.

Maybe you've seen other encaustic work and wonder how on earth they're getting it to look so good!?

There's certainly an art to this process and I'm a bit obsessed with it myself.

In this course I share my tips and tricks for accomplishing these results so you can feel confident in your creations.


encaustic art teacher

Hey there, I’m Jane


I'm a full time Mixed Media artist, author and online teacher.

I’ve been exploring and experimenting with multiple mediums for over a decade. I fell in love with Encaustic several years ago after searching for a softer look to my art as an alternative to resin. (Which I still love to use by the way! And, sometimes combine both in my art)

Trying new things and experimenting is how we find our way to making great art. I'm a HUGE believer in taking different directions without worrying about the outcome. 

I get so many 'A HA' moments this way. They're like little golden nuggets I can then start incorporating in to my art practice and processes.

These golden nuggets are so valuable because they help us artists to gain confidence, happiness, direction and the ability to differentiate ourselves from others. 

Encaustic is just one medium I love using to do this. Once you realize the limitless possibilities with this medium, you’ll be in creative paradise.

Ready to learn new skills and have fun?

I'm ready! Let's do this Jane!

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Intro to Encaustic course:

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Encaustic Overview

Gain an understanding of this magical medium along with all the tools and supplies to quickly get you started.

  • Safety

  • Set Up

  • Tools, Paints, Supplies

the art of fusing  art online course module cover


The Art of Fusing

Develop key foundational techniques crucial for building great encaustic art

  • Panel Prep

  • First layer/s

  • Bonding for integrity

abstract art project online course module cover


Project 1: Inlay Methods

Learn the skills for achieving a smooth flat inlay design with stencils

  • Prepping the base layer

  • Creating the inlay

  • Scraping¬†the designs

collage creation art project module cover


Project 2: Vintage Bubbley

Building off the stencil inlay technique, have fun with creating a dotty design with bubble wrap

  • Prep with a pour

  • Creating the bubbles

  • Scraping¬†the design

art inlay methods online course module cover


Project 3: Abstract

Create an abstract design with colour, texture, marks, and gold leaf. A fun project from a previous class! 

  • Learn accretion

  • Create contrast with an oil rub

  • Apply gold leaf on wax

the next level in encaustic art creation online course module cover


The Next Level

Be inspired to take your art to the next level with Fused Harmony

  • Learn to excel

  • Your creative potential

  • Next level creations

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Support is just a click away

Every lesson gives you the option to ask a question or leave a comment so you can get the help you need if you get stuck.

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Step by Step Techniques

Easy to follow video lessons with step by step instructions that include closed captions, written descriptions and additional tips and tricks all in one place.

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xo Jane

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Trying new things and experimenting is the KEY to creating great art!

If you don't know, you can't do.

Jane Monteith


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  • You¬†want to create collage with a clear¬†finish

Intro to Encaustic ISN'T for you, if:

  • You're already experienced with stencil inlay & collage

  • You¬†always achieve smooth, bubble free surfaces

  • You don't want to learn from others

  • You're not interested in fun projects that inspire creativity
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