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The Mixed Media Masterclass - Collage & Texture is here!

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Enrolment for the Mixed Media Masterclass has closed. But good news - next intake launches Fall, early June 2021.  Join the waitlist below to receive course updates!

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4 week long group program with weekly learning modules.

Lifetime access to all content.

Weekly Q&A in LIVE Facebook sessions.

Exclusive Facebook community group to connect with other artists just like you.

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What You'll Learn 

Create various handmade textures for your collage.

Learn about finishing options for your art.

Learn to resin in both gloss and matte finishes.

Improve your design skills for effective layout and composition.

Learn to manipulate texture products to create dimension and interest.

Add color, mark making and gold embellishments to your art.

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Join other artists just like you and create beautiful contemporary style art

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About Your Instructor

After running a mural design business for over a decade and constantly travelling, Jane took to the idea of working from home and earning an income by creating art. Jane transitioned her art business online and began sharing and selling her bold collage style resin work through her social media platforms - Instagram and Pinterest.

Jane is an international selling artist, art teacher and author of the book The Ultimate Pouring & Painting Project book. Her style of smaller collage works called MOD Minis are what gained her recognition as an artist. She has taught thousands of artists online and continues to evolve with new ideas and modern techniques.

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Check out these 5-star course rated comments.


I really liked the class and the mix of various techniques. I love that you ( finally!) made a Facebook group! - This added a lot of extra value to the class. And I REALLY appreciated that you considered time zones when planning the lives! I have taken around 10 online-art-classes and this is the first time a teacher considered us in Europe! Thank you for planning it so that we also could participate. There is only one thing I would suggest to change for future classes and groups after us - and that is to allow a bit more time from segment-release til the live. If you allowed 3 days in between segment/live, then more of us would have had a chance to both watch the videos and try out what you teach before the live. This class felt quite personal and this is great!! I have taken the full resin/mod mini/alcohol-ink-package 2 years ago and I loved it - but this format now when we both have the FB-group a swell as the lives are just crème de la crème!! You nailed it Jane!! I'm going to watch all the videos again because apparently I totally missed that you posted comments under the videos! I haven't seen/read any of those so I look forward to this! Thank you! Hugs Elizabeth


I wanted to first say THANK YOU! I always followed your Instagram and looked on with envy while you created these beautiful pieces and wondered to myself grumpily why I couldn't ever figure out how to make things like this. I took your course and found a whole new side of creation. I'm a watercolor person, but I think soon I'm going to be a collage person. Your instructions are clear, you really show many different aspects and techniques of the collage-making process. I feel like I got my money's worth and more. I posted my second piece on my personal Instagram page and someone has already made an offer to buy! Thank you, also, for making yourself available for questions. One think I would suggest is to just make sure that anything that happens in between your videos is also detailed. I don't think it should be taken for granted that the viewers know how to mix resin, or even how to tape up their pieces to prevent dripping! Thank you, Jane!!


This is my first time taking an online art course and I absolutely loved it. I'm grateful for the content being available forever for us. I've been painting and doing art my whole life (on and off) but recently have really gotten more into it the past couple years. Taking this class has really help me to open my mind more and expand what types of things I can add to my artwork to make it even better. I so appreciate you sharing your process and tips and tricks. I cannot wait for the tae program as I'm very excited for some help on the business end. I'm already self employed but I'm looking to transition into my art career being my main focus. Thank you so so much! I will see you in your TAE program for sure!